PSD19 album available Online

12" Vinyl edition
coming Oct 3

Our Story

The Plain Steel began in 1999 as a studio project for guitarist, Ross Lizotte. In 2007, Ross joined up with cellist Geoff Ball to perform live as The Plain Steel, initially as a folk duo. By 2008, the band had become a trio with the addition of Caroline Olsen on viola. Drummer, Vince Waters, would join later in 2008, infusing new energy into the band and allowing them to transition on to electric instruments. The classic "Folk n Roll" lineup was fully realized with the addition of Jay Lees on bass in 2010, and Eric Hanenberg on guitar in 2012.

Over the years, the band's core lineup has been augmented by numerous musicians on various instruments, and have adopted many different styles from folk to blues to psychedelia and progressive rock.

In 2017, the five surviving members of the classic "Folk n Roll" lineup reunited to make a new album celebrating the band's tenth anniversary. That album was released in November 2018 and is only available online! A second East Coast tour is being scheduled for 2019 to promote the album. Kevan Baesso will be covering for Eric Hanenberg on most 2019 Ontario shows, while Eric remains in the East Coast.

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